Art Direction & Design

The Czech Rugby Union asked us to come up with a campaign to recruit more women for their team. Role: Concept & Art Direction

Sunlight: "Over 200 washes in every bottle." The task was to demonstrate how long one bottle of Sunlight dish detergent lasts. We found a simple way to communicate a complex message. The idea was to utilize the element of repetition and at the same time using an illustration style that captures your imagination and attention. It is a way of simply but cleverly converting this idea in understandable and compelling advertising message. The line in Czech language simply translates to "Over 200 washes in every bottle."

On Air Prague is a production house which asked me to make their company branding. They wanted a simple and fresh approach to break away from the usual production houses. Role: Art Direction & Design

The client asked us to come up with a concept that would effectively generate interest among Czech teens, and to be in line with the global Pepsi concept: Refresh Your World. This campaign evolved into an even larger movement than expected. (Scroll to bottom for Campaign video) ROLE: Concept & Art Direction

In cooperation with the Czech Police and Intervention Center Against Domestic Violence, as well as many other active local organizations who joined in for support, we were briefed to inform women about their support for the fight against Domestic Violence as well as to offer immediate and accessible help to women who are in danger of this abuse.
We decided to create very simple, yet impactful messages followed by a direct helpline on targeted media to directly inform women how to get help. They were strategically placed around various supermarkets nationwide. The message:“THE ONLY EFFECTIVE WAY TO HEAL BRUISES FROM DOMESTIC VIOLENCE IS TO PACK YOUR THINGS AND LEAVE. IF YOU ARE IN A RISK SITUATION, CALL NOW (158).”

The well-known musician Adrian T. Bell apporached me to make his record cover for his upcoming album "Different World". He wanted something simple and subtle, yet of course outstanding. The photography I shot was used across all media from promotional materials to the final cover. Role: Concept & Art Direction, Design, Photography

Personal typography project

The well known cosmetics brand Oriflame approached us to make a campaign using both the well-known Czech model and Oriflame brand icon Tereza Maxova, while also using the signature Swedish nature and beauty to bring to life the overall brand essence. In order to combine all of these elements we decided to use a combination of mixed media and overlayed, blended artwork which incorporates the seasonal Swedish nature. Role: Concept & Art Direction

Print media to communicate that DR. SCHOLL'S FOOT ODOR POWDER helps to control embarrasing foot odor. Role: Concept & Art Direction, Photography & Retouch

We are surrounded by rules in our reality. In this reality, our nature is to conform, because rules are embedded into our thinking. Unfortunately, this is becoming omnipresent in the Advertising business. We have rules that we can sometimes break, but on a daily basis we must go with the grain to make that Dollar, Euro, Crown...But if “Breakthrough & Innovative” are also in our daily vocabulary, doesn’t that come by bending those rules, and rising above the shortsighted goals? That is why we felt compelled to make an agency print campaign to promote the fact that even in our sometimes “gray” reality, rules can be modified.
So we decided to make these messages as a kind of "manifesto" for which the agency LOWE Prague stands for.
ROLE: Photography, Design & Art Direction
VIEW ENTIRE CAMPAIGN: https://www.behance.net/gallery/44519417/signs